Efficiently Managing Supply Chains

CMTI’s innovative strategies and experience in logistics help customers maintain and operate efficient, cost effective supply chains. We provide hands-on management of parts, materials, and supplies that require transportation, storage, packaging and crating.

CMTI Logistics Capabilities

LogisiticsWe manage large high-value assets such as the International Space Station Cupola, as well as small components such as hand-held laboratory equipment, test, and communications units. We have a rich 35-year history of managing unique space flight items and multiple NASA centers around the United States. During 2015, our logistics team at the Marshall Space Center supported the transportation of the multi-billion dollar James Webb Telescope. In previous years, CMTI provided logistics and transportation services on some of our country’s most spectacular space science launches including Mars Odyssey, Pathfinder, Pluto New Horizons, and the Hubble Space Telescope. These types of mission sensitive operations are at the very core of our programmatic skillsets and capabilities.

We consistently demonstrate the ability to integrate with and adapt to our customer’s specific needs. We manage large-scale warehouse operations – more than 90,000 line items – while maintain inventory accuracy ratings above 99%. We provide shipping, receiving, kitting, packing and crating of unique items, and utilize x-ray screening and RFID technology in movement and storage.



Logistics Offerings


Solutions development for various applications.

Space Flight Hardware Acquisition & Provisioning

Safely On-Load/Offload of sensitive instruments.

Materials Management &

Proper handling and storage of client materials.

Fleet Management/Dispatch

Deployment of drivers & fleet vehicles.


Occupation of acquiring equipment and supplies.

Receiving, Inspection, Packing & Shipping, Kitting

Comprehensive package handling management.

Transportation Management & Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance of trains, trucks & automobiles.

Transportation & Maintenance

Management of Transportation equipment.

Logistics Case Study: Marshall Space Flight Center

Marshall Space Flight Center

For more than 50 years, the unique capabilities and expertise at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has been used to design and build the engines, vehicles, space systems, instruments and science payloads that make possible unprecedented missions of science and discovery throughout our solar system.

CMTI performs complete fleet maintenance, warehousing, procurement, shipping and receiving services at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Our staff ensures all operations run seamlessly by ensuring on-time delivery of all required parts, materials and equipment.

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