American Airlines Hangar Facilities

Maintenance & Operations

CMTI (with its affiliate Keystone Management) currently provides facilities management, operations, and maintenance for American Airlines’ line maintenance hangars at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL), and Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). CMTI delivers these services to six hangars, totaling 580,000 square feet (building) and over 45 acres of ramp space. Our team provides project management, worksite supervision, production control, HVAC and boiler operations, electrical, plumbing, and general technical maintenance.

We manage all aspects of building operations and maintenance, tenant satisfaction, energy conservation, environmental, quality, serving as the owner’s representative of each building via management and coordination of specialty third party contractors providing services, such as cleaning and landscaping. CMTI supports ongoing coordination with design and construction programs, and the implementation of cost-effective repair strategies. CMTI is responsible for efficient building systems operations and maintenance, facility engineering, and repair programs.

CMTI provides project management, worksite supervision, production control, boiler operations, HVAC, electric maintenance, and general technical maintenance. We provide full compliance with environmental precautions, water treatment, oil analysis and changes, maintenance and repair, systems, mechanical and architectural maintenance.

American Airlines

Creating and implementing a management plans to balance work schedules.

CMTI developed, tailored, revised, and implemented a facility management plan that documents the procedures for the effective operation and maintenance of all the mechanical and electrical equipment in the hangars. The systems covered by the plan include electrical systems and equipment; mechanical systems and equipment; fire protection systems and equipment; control systems that regulate other devices and systems within scope; architectural and structural systems, fixtures, structures, and equipment; and vertical transportation, including elevators and escalators. The facility management plan provides general guidance and operational procedures and site plans for the heating systems, chiller systems, domestic hot water, general plumbing and domestic water systems, water treatment systems, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and equipment inventory. It includes guidance regarding HVAC equipment, electrical distribution, energy management controls, architectural and structural system maintenance, tour procedures and maintenance documentation, service calls and repair procedures, building security procedures, emergency plans, HAZMAT procedures, and contingency plans.

Hangar Doors

Properly working hangar doors are the most critical aspect of American Airlines’ line maintenance hangars. Airline line maintenance most often requires aircraft to be pulled off the line for short periods of time, be able to access the hangar quickly, be serviced or repaired in a few hours, and quickly be placed back in service. Hangar door failure can severely impact the airline’s profitability, should an aircraft become “trapped” in the hangar and unable to get back out on the line. To ensure continuous proper operation, CMTI developed a comprehensive maintenance inspection and testing program to keep our client’s planes in the air. The doors on each facility were customer built and operate as a precision piece of engineered equipment specific to its facility. Our hangar door maintenance program includes a daily inspections and weekly cleaning of the door rail track systems to ensure foreign object debris does not impede opening and closing. We perform a monthly inspection of the brushes and seals, motor system, hydraulic lifters, brakes and cables. The rubber seals are tasked with sealing out the elements, and their exposure causes degradation over time. This repair is typically a simple one, and monthly inspections allow us to maintain the seals prior to any fatigue or failure. We inspect the brakes every month, and we order the parts for replacement at least a month in advance of expected replacement. We also inspect any door lifting cables monthly looking for fraying or potential failure point due to high stress loads. We inspect any of doors’ lift cylinders for small leaks that are a telltale sign of a larger problem looming on the horizon. We also conduct a monthly paint and coating inspection.

Plumbing Systems

CMTI maintains and repairs the hangar’s plumbing systems, including cross-connections, annual tests on backflow devices, sanitary sewage ejection equipment and systems, heating, drain traps, roofing and storm drainage systems and condenser water piping systems. The bathrooms are equipped with all automatic flush valves on the commodes, sinks, and urinals. We replace defective solenoids as needed. We verify that deficiencies are addressed immediately, and the systems are quickly returned to service.

Fire Suppression Systems

CMTI ensures that the facility fire protection system and equipment are in good working order and that the main fire alarm panel is clear of any alarm or trouble signals. Our inspection tasks include Annual Fire Alarm Testing (Complete Building Ringdown), Quarterly Sprinkler Flow Test, Annual Fire Pump Flow Test, Weekly Fire Pump Test, and Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection. We log all deficiencies in a logbook that is kept in the Fire Control Room and note them on the Daily Tour Sheet when the room is inspected.


CMTI oversees the maintenance and certification of the elevators in the hangar facilities by specialty service providers. This includes semi-annual and annual inspections of elevators. We also conduct monthly inspections for satisfactory operation and record the results of these inspections in the TMA system.


CMTI oversees the maintenance and certification of the cranes and lifting devices in the hangars by specialty service providers so they meet the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) / American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Safety Codes for Overhead and Gantry Cranes. Our preventive maintenance program for each crane is based on the crane manufacturer's recommendations.


The contract with American Airlines provides facilities management, operations and maintenance for their maintenaance hangars at three major airports.


CMTI wished to enhance their existing operations by developing and implementing a facility managment plan that documents the procedures for the effective operation and maintenance of all the mechanical and electrical equipment in the hangars.


To date, the client is very pleased with the level of service CMTI provides at their various airport locations. We are encouraged that we are optimizing service while keeping our, and the client employees safe at all times.