Keeping Projects Moving Forward

The transportation market involves air, rail, truck, and waterborne transportation systems, infrastructure and services. It is rare for any one company to have experience supporting or providing services in all of these diverse modes.

CMTI is one of the rare companies.

CMTI has more than 15 years of continuous experience in ground transportation of material goods and supplies. Services we provide include scheduling of escorts for heavy equipment movements, the acquisition of permits, completion of all shipping documentation, research of all shipping regulations, and all resource requirements. As part of the compliance with the appropriate shipping regulations for hazardous materials, CMTI researches the applicable classification, packing, marking, labeling, placarding, and shipping documentation.


Our shipping/transportation department prepares materials, supplies, equipment and hardware for transport to domestic and international locations. This includes the construction of specialized crates, pallets, and boxes for the shipment and/or safe movement of all requested items to include very sensitive aerospace flight hardware, critical space items, and delicate one-of-a-kind experiments. The transportation department also processes hazardous material shipment requests ensuring compliance with the appropriate Federal, State, Local, or International Regulations for all modes of transportation (highway, air, water, and rail).

Our freight traffic management office coordinates with commercial carriers, any/all local, federal, and NASA organizations, for on-site and off-site transportation requirements. We support government, commercial and international customer requests for the loading, off-loading, and general movement and delivery of materials, supplies, equipment, hardware, other special work authorizations, and flight elements/hardware at the Kennedy Space Center and in support of the International Space Station. This includes customers such as Boeing, NASA, the United States Air Force, International Partners (Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia), Astrotech, and Life Sciences Corp., providing movement of items and cargo on multiple flight and non-flight trips on a daily basis, including numerous very large Space Station Elements and ground support equipment.

We have also managed and maintained a cargo transportation vehicle fleet consisting of a robust mix of cargo vans, straight bodied box trucks, tractors and air ride-equipped trailer combinations with oversized hauling capability. CMTI’s exclusive transportation experience includes off-loading and uploading of flight hardware on aircraft at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Shuttle Landing Facility, at the Cape Canaveral Skid Strip, and on ships from the Port Canaveral Navy docks.