Trox Austell

Chief Executive Officer

Under Mr. Austell’s leadership, CMTI has become one of the most highly regarded small businesses in the facilities and asset management services sector. As a project executive and team leader he has supports a diverse client base that includes global organizations and partners such as NATO’s US operations, JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency), Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Boeing Defense & Space, and the US State Department. Mr. Austell has 33 years of management experience on large multi-billion- dollar programs with his company playing a critical role in more than 200 space flight launches. He is also the corporate program executive on projects with the Florida Department of Transportation responsible for managing 400 miles of infrastructure along interstate highways and local roadways.

Keith Mowen


Mr. Mowen has more than 25 years of program management oversight experience on large government infrastructure and transportation programs. He has served as the executive team lead on projects with a combined value of $600 million. His expertise includes preventive and corrective maintenance, scheduling and work management systems, budget control, process improvement, and team building.

Ellen Wheeler, Program Manager, Transportation & Maintenance Services

 Ellen Wheeler

  Program Manager
  Transport & Maintenance Services
Teresa Ragan, Finance Supervisor

 Teresa Ragan

  Finance Supervisor
Sandra Brownlee, HR Manager

 Sandra Brownlee

  HR Manager
Jon Morgans, Senior Project Coordinator

 Jon Morgans

  Senior Project Coordinator
Nadia De La Rocha, Senior Quality Control Manager

 Nadia De La Rocha

  Senior Quality Control Manager
Elvis Reynolds, Regional Operations Manager

 Elvis Reynolds

  Regional Operations Manager
Hector Rodriquez, Senior Project Manager

 Hector Rodriquez

  Senior Project Manager
  • NATO Supreme Allied Command